Help Us Raise $1,000,000
for Local Families this
Holiday Season!

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VEAP receives 60% of its financial contributions in the last quarter of the year.

These contributions are critical to the support programs that VEAP provides to our local community.

You have the power to offer tremendous help when you donate to VEAP's programs!

VEAP is efficient in its ability to leverage contributed dollars, making your donation go further. There's no better investment you can make in the health and well-being of a local family.

Here are just a few examples of what our programs are able to do with these dollars:


For every $1 donated, VEAP is able to purchase nearly $10 worth of healthy food.


VEAP can provide healthy food to one person for just $1.50 per week.


$78 supports an individual's monthly food pantry visit for an entire year.


$312 supports a family of four's monthly food pantry visit for an entire year.

But VEAP can't do it without your support and investment!
This time of year, more children are hungry, more neighbors experience financial distress, more families need safe and affordable housing, and more seniors need rides to lifesaving medical appointments.

We at VEAP are driven by the will of our neighbors as they overcome their financial distress, housing crises, and hunger.

We are equally inspired by those who give so generously to VEAP. Together – with your investment – we are meeting basic needs and building stronger, more hopeful communities!

Please give today.
Here are additional ways you can help support VEAP and your neighbors in need:
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    Challenge friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors to join in!

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